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It feels better to know that Gati tracking Courier , which is the pioneer in express distribution in India now spreads to SAARC countries, Asian Pacific regions and covers 735 districts of the country in which it originated out of 739 making it the largest courier and shipping packers & movers in transport. The advanced network of IT establishes gati courier tracking in all the three modes of transportation as one of the leading courier track.

Gati Tracking

Gati cargo tracking deals in air, road and rail consisting of proficient warehouse resources all over India. You might have heard it a million times but look at the multi-modal system of Gati. Gati has six thousand plus force of young, fresh & energetic men, 3100 commerce comrades, more than six hundred offices, about 4000 traders and merchandisers as partners in business.

What else would make track gati big? But wait, there is more, the refrigerated lorries, the size of gathi tracking fleet which is bigger than 5000 and the last mile e-com delivery all adds to the grandeur of tracking gati.

To sum up, gati couriers tracking values purposeful entrepreneurship, it recognizes customer care as the epitome of servitude. Besides, gathi courier tracking welcomes innovations and set the seal on executing the ideas particularly if it is a digital one. The vision is broadly to help & assist the market stakeholders in order to lift up the country economically. The mission take charges in making an advanced & upper level digitized, cyber gati online tracking system.

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Track Gati Courier Distribution Services:

The countless number of packages come in variation for gati cargo. Starting with courier pickup from home to special services such as bike express, laabh, surface lite and many more. Let’s have a look at them all in detail one by one.

  1. Bike Express: Shifting from one place to another and want to take your bike along? Gati track shipment is your place with quick & safe delivery within the country except for northern states like Jammu & Kashmir. Terms & conditions applied, tax charges, FOD etc.
  2. Laabh: Gati surface tracking is having the specifically designed courier pick up for a single time shipping charges all through the country with special easy to carry boxes of 10 & 20kg respectively.
  3. Surface Lite: Gati India values its domestic customers and thus brings forth a lighter package like this that covers from 1kg to 3kg in 100 to 300 of rupees. This offer includes documents, household things and presents.
  4. Premium Flexilite: Time is currency, it is said so and gati tracking India believes in it. Hence, as result presents an amazing yet flexible package both in air and on road in the form of Flexilite premium.
  5. Art Express: Who wouldn’t love art pieces and care for it? Likewise, gati courier service comes up for such sensitive & delicate master pieces with art express.
  6. Student Express: Study and students are the pillars to education which enlightens a nation and make it shine bright, above all. And that’s why gati couriers exclusively have this courier service, affordable and without any tension for education seekers. The courier charges in India per kg for this package are very low.                           

Gati-KWE Services:

It is the combine project of Gati courier and Kintetsu express, together gati track & gati kwe offer a range of unmatchable services both on local and international level.

Service Packages: Gati kwe tracking takes care of all kinds & every level of customers and clients. Keeping this in view, gati limited has different packages from planning to pick & drop with its movers & packers. Some of the express distribution offers are:

  1. Air Premium Services: Gati logistics knows the fast pace life today in this modern time and thus has a solution to time-restricted deliveries with low budget cost consideration.
  2. Premium plus: if you need the delivery within 12hours, this is your package, grab it.
  3. Premium: Incase, situations allow you some time, you can save some amount of money in gati ltd by opting for this offer, it delivers in one day as well as in 2days as per the sender’s need.
  4. Surface Express Services: Gatikwe tracking has access to almost all the locations in the country via road, be it urban or the rural areas, the express packages deliver it safe & sound within the defined time-frame.
  5. Express plus: Gatikwe takes the highly straight route connections for its shipments to make them reach as soon as possible.
  6. Express: Gati express tracking is the one for those who holds a count for the budget they have for their courier pickup.
  7. Gatti Tracking Transport Services: Since bigger deliveries on road can cost more, therefore gati transport tracking bring it up in regard for its customer care & courier charges through railways. They are growing day by day as an alternative for road transportation. Further, gati tracker contributes in supplying various vehicle services such as truck, etc. for bulk transportation on surface.

Gathi Courier Tracking Warehouses:

With much anticipation & reliability, gati kwe ltd extends its services not only on the above mentioned levels but also has a benchmark set forth in warehousing provisions to diverse businesses in the industry in different fields. For instance, healthcare, technology, education, automobiles, electronics and mechanics. However, the list is not limited to these few, think of any field and gati kwe courier tracking would be covering it.    

Bang! Gati tracking courier with reasonable transport charges is the only home pickup courier service which is intrinsically spreaded over 99 percent of the district in India. That implies, there is hardly a place left out of gati courier.

To conclude, gaticourier tracking takes the lead in adding to the infrastructure industry that is contributing to the larger scale continuously.  Surprisingly, the delivery logistics at gati parcel tracking for warehouse solutions not only has customized offerings for courier home pick up but also has re-engineering & managed services.

Transportation services:  The Company provides with cargo management services as well with its latest M-VATS package for bulk point to point pick up courier.

Gatiexpress eCom Logistics:  E-Commerce is the growing field and electronic dealings with apps, websites & online tracking of cargo is a household thing now. Gaticargo is no less behind in this. Online courier booking, parcel charges check, e commerce logistics and delhivery pickup all at one click. Go to the website, and there is all on gati tracking online, the details & information for better customer assistance. All you need is a gati docket tracking number using a gati pincode or gati docket.

Gati Pickup Service Tools: The tools include prices & time calculator, ESS matrix, weight converter, fuel charges inquiry, prohibited material on gati courier pick up service and much more.

 Careers at Gati Courier Franchises:

Gati express track has always been forward in providing opportunities along with services. Having said so, it also appreciates talent & excellence in various field expertise. Be it the customer care personnel or gati complaint status checker, from online gati tracking to customer care number provider. There is no big or small but all are one. Beginning from the lower level to the investors, business partners to founders & board of governors nationally & globally, there are chances and opportunities for everyone.

Additionally, there are online opportunities as well. You can be a gati vendor via portal and get your commission as you sale and add to the customer line.

Media Cell: The web isn’t small either. It inculcates in it the press releases, coverage, events and the news.

Gati facts & figures:

  • Date of establishment, 1989
  • Number of operating cells 540
  • of delivery locations 135954
  • Direct pin codes 5120
  • Remote pin codes 15400
  • Number of routes 1717
  • of vehicles 5000


Gati franchises:

  • Indore
  • Nagpur
  • Gati courier Pune
  • Gati Jaipur
  • Chennai
  • Ahmedabad
  • Bangalore
  • Lucknow
  • Hyderabad
  • Chandigarh
  • Bhopal
  • Kolkata
  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Gati Vadodara
  • Patna


Gati Courier Contact Number:

Customer Service Center:

1860-123-4284 (Toll free-calling in India only)

+91-712-7144282 (Outside India)

Email: [email protected]


Corporate Office:

Gati Ltd.

Plot No.20, Survey No.12
Kothaguda, Kondapur,
Hyderabad – 500084
Tel : 040-71204284, 27844284
Fax: 040-23112316
E-mail: [email protected]


HO and Registered Office:

Gati Ltd.

Plot No.20, Survey No.12,
Kothaguda, Kondapur,
Hyderabad – 500084
Tel : 040-71204284, 27844284
Fax : 040-23112316
E-mail : [email protected]


team gati tracking

Media Contact of gati Tracking Courier :

Head Marketing & Communications
Plot No.20, Survey No.12,
Kothaguda, Kondapur,
Hyderabad – 500084

Tel: 040-71204206, 27844284
Fax: 040-23112318
E-Mail: [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1. What is Shipper Risk/Owner Risk?

This kind of risk is usually in gati bike transport as it is different in terms of conditions applied.

Q2. What is the time duration for registration of complaint?

In case, you face an issue in receiving the parcel. Register a complaint within 30 days from delivery or contact gati courier customer care centre. But first go through gati shipment tracking and check status.

Q3. What is the duration to avail Freight Refund coupon?

Thinking of refund from gati consignment tracking? Search for gati courier near me and avail Freight refund coupon within 90 days.

Q4. How do I know more about Gati and its services?

Visit gati com tracking and get to know about gati pickup, tracking id or international awb number & tracking, shipping & ecommerce, gati careers or any information you need to know. It’s all there.

Q5. What kind of Logistic solution does Gati provides?

Gati packers provide multi-modal logistic chain solutions on surface with locate us anytime anywhere facility.

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