ST Courier Tracking Online & Customer Support Numbers

Indeed, an ST courier online tracking has become very easy these days. With the help of Track a courier, you can trace your parcels with a few clicks. For your ease, our track a courier website offers free ST courier tracking powered by ST Couriers. Thus, you can use this information for hunting down the location of your parcel.

Instead of going to the offices, you can easily get all this information through our website.  All you have to do is enter the tracking number in the track here box. As a result, it will direct you toward the information page. So, this information helps you in knowing the current tracking delivery status of your parcel. Also, it lets you know the expected date of arrival.

How to track ST Courier

In reality, it is very simple to detect your ST courier tracking with the help of an online tracking system. As you know, all shipment providers issue a specific parcel number. Thus, you will need that for tracking. With this number, you only have to follow a few steps that will lead you towards the shipment details. Finally, you can use that information for either your business or personal purpose respectively.

st tracking courier online

Tracking Status Guide Steps

  1. Firstly, you will see a box where you will have to add the tracking consignment number in it.
  2. Beneath this, you will find a button with these words “Track here” so you have to click on it.
  3. Once you click on the button, it will automatically redirect you to the tracking id information page.
  4. Here, you will be able to see all the information which you need regarding your parcel. In fact, you will find every detail of your parcel from ST courier tracking history to shipping weight, etc.

ST Couriers

In 2007, ST couriers were founded by the ST Cargo Services for regional and commercial shipping. At the start, they were providing services only in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh.  With time, they expanded their delivery points. Now, reaching to 2700 which delivers a huge number of parcels per day.

For instance, they deliver a huge number of 50,000 parcels in rural and urban areas through their service. Usually, this consists of private and confidential parcels. Besides, they send more than a hundred thousand rural packages.  Moreover, their expert team works hard day and night to provide you quality service 24/7.

Services by ST Couriers

To begin with, they are already a huge name in the cargo industry. Thus, they started their courier service journey with the same spirit. With many offers, they provide faster and reliable services instead of their competitors. Moreover, they cover it all with the help of their outclass management. Therefore, you will get the parcel faster if you have chosen the emergency option.

Along with that, they also offer an ST priority which is introduced for emergency situations. Thus, you can easily send parcels to any place with their faster delivery service of any size. Besides, they offer many other ST courier tracking services. Thus, that will help you in finding the best service according to your needs.


Firstly, they have an air mode service which allows you to deliver your parcels much faster than usual. The air mode service works with different airlines to drop your shipments in a short time. Moreover, this service coordinates with many domestic flights. Also, it works well with international flights for the easy and fast delivery of parcels.

Adding to that, they are very efficient in their services. Thus, you will not find any delays in your shipments. Also, they add many new destinations from time to time to reach much wider clients. Moreover, their contact services are also specific to only one point. So, this makes it easy for people to connect with customer services.

Likewise, many businesses are also using air mode. Because of their extensive and secure delivery services. Along with that, they have custom made services and are very easy to track your shipments. It is very easy to use their tracking and information system.


Another service by ST couriers is the surface mode. This is perfect for personal and commercial shipments across the country. For your ease, they offer great services around many destinations with the help of their transport partners. Thus, they always deliver your parcels on time without any delay.

Great service like Surface operation mode also enables you to book your shipments within an affordable budget. Similarly, their vast services range to even far-fetched areas within the country. To mention, there are a number of vehicles like pickups, sprinter vans, full truckloads, etc. to cater to any shipment needs.

Furthermore, they have an internal GPRS system in their vehicles. This ensures safe and fast delivery within time. Also, an easy online tracking system with efficient delivery services makes this the perfect choice for people. Moreover, you can also take help from their logistic team. They will help you whenever you want to choose the right service for your delivery needs.


The ST international service gives off a lot of facilities to international couriers. Thus, including door to door packages, express parcels, etc. Adding more, the service includes easy ST courier tracking and shipping solutions for all your consignments. Similarly, this quick delivery and time-specific service are available for more than 220 countries worldwide.

For more information regarding international services, you can contact Mr. Balaji (GM International) by calling on 9952020222 or 9941551115. Besides, you can also send an email to [email protected] for getting information related to international sales.

Value-Added Services

To enlist them, there are a number of value-added services offered by ST couriers. You can send a parcel that weighs from 0.50 GMS to tons of cargo. Usually, they are associated through DHL, FedEx, and UPS, etc. Similarly, they can also send your LCL and FCL shipments besides DG items and commercial parcels.

Also, they offer calculations regarding dimensions for international shipments. Along with that, they provide guidance for the attachment of supporting documents. Not to forget, the same day allotted AWB numbers and personalized caring details make it the number one choice. Thus, they serve the entire needs of the clients. They are available all the time for customer support.

ST Priority

ST priority service is good for those who want a fast delivery service for their parcels within 24 hours. Moreover, they are kept in a very safe and secure package to reach your destination on time. If the service provider fails to deliver your parcel then they will offer you a money-back guarantee.

Surely, the best part is that you can send up to 30 Kgs without any hesitation. For added service, you can do your parcel tracking anytime with the help of the GPRS ST Courier tracking system. You can also get SMS notifications. Besides that, there is also a pic code service that allows scanned POD with the recipient’s signature.


Although, there are many services that are they offer under E-commerce service. Easily, you can choose any of them. These services are given below in detail.

Pre-Paid Services

In this service, the payment of the product is made by the consignee. Also, on behalf of the shipper, the service provider delivers the shipment.

Cash on Delivery

This service works on the principle of payment of delivery at the handing over of the shipment. Then, the same payment is sent to the shipper respectively.

Cash before Delivery

In this case, the amount of money is collected before the delivery. After that, it is sent to the shipper. Then, they dispatch the product for delivery.

Drop Ship Service

Dropshipping service actually refers to picking up parcels from many shippers. Following that, they deliver them to respective consignees.

Reverse Logistic Service

This type of service is especially for returning items to the shipper. As the name suggests, the shipment is collected and sent back to the shipper.


For better courier services, you have to follow a few guidelines. They will prevent your parcel from damage. Similarly, it will also help you in shipping your parcel in a much safer manner.

  • Always use a cotton box that is strong. Also, it should hold the weight of your parcel easily.
  • Do check the specifications and weight of the carton or box.
  • Avoid overstuffing or excess weight in the box.
  • Remember to cover the parcel with cushions inside the box for protection.
  • Preferably, you should buy 3” wide tape for covering up the box.
  • Lastly, label everything properly. The addresses and pin codes should be clearly visible.

Packages suggestions for different items

A guideline regarding how to pack different items will enable you to pack things according to their construction. Thus, this will make your shipment easier to be shipped without going through the packaging department at all.

CDs/DVDs: You must pack them in padded envelopes. You can also use blister-proof packing.

Sample medical vials: There must be enough surrounding support to avoid the movement of the product inside the box. In this case, you can use shredded paper as a support to the vials.

Foodstuff: For different foodstuffs like rice, grains, pulses, etc., you should always use fabric enforced envelopes.

Books: They need more support so always use a strong box. Also, use double strap tapings to hold the books together.

Textile goods: They need to be a cover-up in waterproof polythene bags. So, they do not get damaged in case of contact with water.

Electronic articles: you must use a ply corrugated carton for keeping such materials.

International shipments packaging tips

There is no surety that your shipment will reach you without being checked at a few checkpoints. Therefore, you must pack your parcel in a strong box. So, it can bear the pressure of the long journey. For this purpose, a few tips will help you secure shipment and parcel online tracking.

  • The packing box must be suitable in size. It must ensure the strength to hold the products easily.
  • Similarly, the supporting materials like cushions must be stuffed generously to avoid damage.
  • Strapping helps a lot in securing boxes so always use strapping for extra protection.
  • Always mark fragile items with proper tools. Also, try to pack them by professionals rather than doing it yourself.
  • Ensure that floppies and video cassettes need a specific kind of box to pack them. So, try to find them for cassettes.
  • Make sure that all sharp-edged things should cover up extensively. So, the items are fully secure from causing any damage.
  • Wooden boxes should be able to open if you use them as a packaging box. So, if you need them then you can open them and relock them again.
  • The package must not weigh more than 35 kgs in total.

List of unacceptable items by ST Courier for carriage

  • Any kind of weapons
  • Harmful things defined by IATA.
  • Death remains of anyone
  • Eatables that we keep in the refrigerator for freshness.
  • Any kind of gambling device like lottery tickets etc.
  • No animals or plants that are alive are allowed for shipment
  • Any kind of currency, gold or bonds, etc
  • Pornographic material
  • Radio-active Material
  • Any harmful materials that may cause damage to other parcels
  • Things that need a license for shipment

Volumetric weight calculator 

With the following formula, you can easily calculate the weight of your package. Usually, international shipping charges depend on the amount of space they take in an aircraft. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate this weight. As a result, it will make the comparison of the product very easy with the actual weight.

Surface Mode

Length x Width x Height in centimeters / 6000 = Volumetric Weight in kilograms.

Air Mode

Length x Width x Height in centimeters / 5000 = Volumetric Weight in kilograms.

Customer care centers

As they have a huge number of branches in the country which needs a lot of customer dealings. Therefore, ST courier tracking has a wide range of customer support centers that assist them in their problems regarding courier issues.

Main Office

The main office of ST Courier Pvt Ltd is located at 199, Hariyan Street C.Pallavaram, Chennai – 600 043 Tamil Nadu, India. Moreover, you can either call them on 91 44 22 666 666 or receive help through [email protected]. Besides you can also take help from their website

Ambattur Office

This office is situated in 31, First Floor, Menambedu Road, SIDCO Industrial Estate, Ambattur, Tamil Nadu, India – 600098. The contact numbers are +91 44 42174777

+91 7871074777 and the email address is [email protected]

Coimbatore Office

The address of this office is No. 143-A, Nava India, Main Road, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India – 641004, and mailing address is [email protected] . You can also contact them through the following numbers +91 422 4398301 or +91 9698003777 or +91 9688703777

Guindy Office

Guindy office is located at 199, Hariyan Street, C.Pallavaram, Guindy, Tamil Nadu, India – 600043. The contact numbers are +91 44 22666666 and +91 9942690246 with an email address [email protected]

Medavakkam Office

You can reach them via this address No.6/8, Velachery Main Road, Medavakkam, Tamil Nadu, India – 600098. Moreover, these are the helpline numbers +91 44 49589934 and +91 8428722293 besides [email protected] as the email address.

Pudukottai Office

The location of this office is SPM Book Shop, 5, SPN Plaza, West Main Street, Pudukottai, Tamil Nadu, India – 622001. Helpline numbers are +91 9176989330 and +91 7299957592 alongside [email protected]

Purasaiwalkam Office

This office is in No:15, Purasai Tower, Ground floor, 19/10-Ponnappa Street, Purasaiwalkam, Tamil Nadu, India – 600084. Similarly, for more assistance, you can call +91 44 42600011 and +91 9884455723 and +91 7299650005. Also, you can send an email to [email protected] for more help.

Salai Office

230, Ground Floor, Thiruvalluvar, Salai, Puducherry, India – 605013 is the address of this office. Likewise +91 9688155077 +91 9688355077 and +91 7871911407 are contact numbers. You can also contact them through [email protected]

Trichy Office

Address: 79, Ramakrishna Nagar, Kallukuzhi, Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India – 620020. Contact numbers are  +91 9688899700 or +91 9688899800 and +91 9688899100. For more information, you can send an email on the following address [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions

 How can I track my courier in St Courier?

You can simply track your courier with the help of your tracking id.

What is AWB number in courier?

The Air waybill (AWB) number is a tracking number for international shipments through air lines.

What is the average price per mile for couriers?

The average price per mile depends on the vehicle like it is $1.5 for a car and $2 for a van. Though, it is not very common to charge per mile.

Is courier service available in Tamil Nadu?

Yes, courier service is available in Tamil Nadu and this service is especially for Tamil Nadu.

How can I track my Delivery Courier?

You can track your delivery courier by tracking id or by calling customer care center.


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