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Are you worried about the shipment of your goods to its destination? If yes, then don’t worry because tracking your freight has never been easy like this before. With just a consignment number, we can provide you free TCI freight tracking. This will help you in locating the parcel and also getting the estimated time of delivery.

TCI freight is among the leading goods transport service in India. They carry from full truck loads to less than a truck load and any over dimensional cargoes. Moreover, they provide tracking service which helps you in knowing the status of your parcel.

Tracking TCI Freight

TCI gives a special number to every parcel which we call a Tracking ID or consignment number. You can track the parcel service with the help of this parcel number. Just follow the few steps and you will get the entire TCI courier tracking information regarding the shipment of your goods.

  • Search for the “Track here” box on the screen.
  • Then, add your consignment number in the box.
  • After that, click on the “track here” button.
  • After pressing the button, it will directly open a new page that will have all the details of your freight parcel.
  • Now, you can use this information for any of your personal needs.

TCI Group

TCI group started as a small scale goods transporter in India. Now, it is one of the most successful and reliable cargo shippers in India. Now, it also provides services to some international Asian countries. They provide many cargo services that you can choose according to your needs.

They have a huge number of offices and workforce in India as well as abroad. Also, they have more than 9000 trucks alongside four cargo ships to send your parcels. Most importantly, it is an ISO certified company with being the leading company in huge parcels.

Services by TCI

There are a number of services that TCI freight offer to meet the needs of the people. They include different modal of transportation like road, rail, air and sea. Moreover, they can ship any small or big dimensional parcels with great care. So, this gives you an opportunity to get the maximum benefit of their services.

Domestic and International TCI Freight

TCI freight offers courier services to both domestic and international clients. Likewise, they also provide the same logistics tracking system for both of them.  Moreover, it is very simple to track even more than one parcel at the same time. Write the consignment numbers in the box with a comma separating each number. Thus, you will get information of them on the same page.

Salient features of TCI freight services

TCI freight transport tracking is one of the major services by TCI group. Besides, there are other features as well that set it apart from other companies. For example, their customer oriented setup helps building its value. Moreover, the 24/7 TCI track and trace function removes all your online status

  • It is the most reliable freight service in India
  • You can send any shape and size of items
  • The 24/7 online tracking system is easy to use
  • One window service for all your queries
  • Well managed team for smooth flow of work
  • Easy solutions for your courier problems
  • Presence of pan-India

Service Centers for TCI

There are more than 700 offices catering to 25 main hubs for TCI centers. Each hub has an average of 25000 square feet area. Thus, it provides an even distribution setup within the country. Moreover, this adds reliability and affordability of cargo shipping to the consumers.

Advantages of these Centers

As TCI has spread over the entire country so it has many centers and hubs for helping customers. So for sure, there are many advantages of these centers or hubs. Here, we will talk about them in detail.

Maximum Reach

Because of the many branches, they can deliver the courier to even distant places. Likewise, their huge network provides delivery to many people in limited time.

Cost Effectiveness

As they provide quality service so their services are very cost effective. They have minimal charges along best quality management. As a result, they deliver your goods along a tracking consignment without any damage or delay.

Expanded Network

TCI has an expanded distribution network that serves the needs of local businesses. They have many branches to reach any destination within the country.

Flexible services

They offer many flexible services for transporting goods. Thus, this enables customers to plan their cargo at their convenience.

Warehouse and Storage Facility

As you know, they have very big hubs and facilitating centers. Thus, these hubs work as the storage facility for all the cargoes. All the items are packed here and then shipped for delivery from the same place.

Fast Delivery Servicetci freight tracking fast delivery

TCI freight service uses short length flights for many cargoes with transport tracking. So, it reduces the time of delivery and ships the goods before the estimated time.

Vision and Value

The vision of TCI group is to bring in special multi technology transport system in the country. Moreover, they have a set plan to cater to their customers and provide them value services. Thus, they want to add to satisfaction of the customers and shareholders in business etc.

For this reason, they have a well-managed network of employees. They always perform on a few CORE values. These reflect the services that they provide to the customers.

Customer Focus

They always focus on the customers and their cargo needs. Thus, it helps them in achieving the trust of the consumers. As a result, the customers prefer TCI freight tracking online and their services.


If you are an entrepreneur then you should try our services. We work like a company lending you a helping hand in your business.


It is another major value of our services because we cater to the queries much more responsibly. Thus, you will get an answer to all your issues about your cargo shipment.


Empathy is the most important value of our services because we get to know each other. Also, we get to help each other by working as a team and supporting everyone.

Corporate Office

TCI groups and its services are a customer oriented company. Thus, they provide all the guidance to their customers to facilitate them. You can contact them through the following methods.

Address: TCI House, 69, Institutional Area Sector-32, Haryana, India

Freight Helpline: 1800 1800 824

Phone Numbers: +91-124-2381603 to 07

Fax: +91-124-2381611

Email: [email protected]
[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I track TCI freight?
You can easily do your TCI freight tracking by just putting the consignment number in the box and press the track here button to check tracking status in our website.
How can I track my TCI Express?
The TCI online express tracking is very easy. You have to log in to the express account, fill in the form and finally get your freight tracking details.
What is consignment number?
A consignment or courier tracking number is a code number given to every parcel for easy identification of the parcel. It also helps in net tracking the parcels as well.
How can I track my TCI XPS Courier?
They offer automatic online tracking services for all the shipments. Thus, you can track them with their shipment number.
How do you use a tracking number?
It is very easy to use a tracking no. Just write it down in the track here box and press the track button. You will get all the history of your shipment with the help of it.


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