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VRL Tracking will help you track your orders in a better way. Are you scared to send your precious parcels to another place that might be misplaced? Do you think couriers companies can lose your parcel? You don’t have to be worried since you have VRL as an option.

VRL is one of the most developed companies in India which is known to offer on-time delivery and excellent customer service. They help you to track your order so you can feel protected all the time.

VRL is not only known for its courier services but it is also famous for its transportation services, VRL priority, and VRL Travel. The owner of VRL, Vijay Sankeshwar started transportation service with only one vehicle, and very soon his business grew.

Currently, they have more than five thousand vehicles under their service. From these five thousand vehicles, there are around 400 buses for transportation. Rest is the vehicle, which carries goods and services from one place to another.

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As mentioned before, VRL has grown a branch when it comes to its courier services. It is pretty famous on its own. VRL tracking has so many highlighted features. Only some of those features are as follows:

1) The Consignment number:

VRL tracking provides its customers with a tracking ID or consignment number. Using this consignment number, customers can get the pin location of their parcels or documents.

This exact location is handy because you can know where exactly your parcel is and how long still you have to wait to have your parcels arrive at the selected destination. All you have to do is to enter the provided consignment number on VRL’s official website for the exact location.

2) On-time Delivery:

No more waiting! One of the features that customers’ are most concerned about of VRL tracking is its on-time delivery. VRL provides whatever it promises. If your tracking information says your parcel will deliver in two working days then your parcel will not delay more than two days.

Please keep in mind that the working days don’t include Saturday, Sunday, or any kind of Holiday.

3) Great Customer Service:

You can take help with their customer service daily from 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM. VRL has extremely polite and well-mannered customer service. Following is the contact information of their head office, where information about logistics services is provided:

Phone number: 0836 2307800

Email: [email protected]

4) Easy access:

Many courier companies create a complicated tracking system that is not convenient for customers, especially for beginners.

However, VRL tracking has easy to use a tracking system. If you are a beginner or an advanced user of VRL, this easy tracking system will be beneficial for you. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

Tracking Method For VRL Tracker

VRL Tracking uses a tool called Track and Trace. With the help of this creative tool, tracking with VRL becomes easy. It is almost like a piece of cake. Here is how:

  • Once you hand-in your parcel to VRL, you get a consignment number or tracking ID. You will find this number written on your receipt. You will use this tracking ID in order to track your parcel or documents. So, make sure you keep it in a safe place.
  • Just enter that tracking ID at the top in the textbox.
  • Click on the Track button once entered.
  • In the same window, all the details about your parcel or documents will display on your screen. You will also be able to view the date and time of each step such as when did your parcel reaches a specific place.

Contact Numbers

There are various offices of the VRL Tracking System in India. These officers are as below:

Please note: some people prefer to email instead of phone calls. For this reason, we have also added emails in this section for your convenience.

Also, VRL only replies to the email in English so make sure if you are sending an email to VRL, it is in the English language.

1) Corporate Office:

The corporate office of VRL is in Hubballi, Karnataka. The phone numbers for this office are  91 836 223 7511, 91 836 223 7512, or 91 836 225 6612 . You can also email them at [email protected].

2) Regional and Admin Office:

The regional and admin office of VRL is also in Hubballi, Karnataka. The phone numbers for this office are  91 836 223 7610, 91 836 223 7613, or 91 836 223 7614 . You can also email them at[email protected].

3) Bengaluru Office:

The phone numbers for this office are  91 80 269 92525, or 91 80 269 92626 . You can also email them at[email protected] 

4) Mumbai office:

The phone numbers for this office are  91 22 278 32752, 91 22 278 32754, or 91 22 278 32755 . You can also email them at[email protected].

5) Hyderabad office:

The phone number for this office is  91 93 465 38108 . You can also email them at[email protected].

6) New Delhi Office:

The phone numbers for this office are  91 11 236 34031 or 91 11 236 34032 . You can also email them at [email protected].

7) Pune office:

The phone numbers for this office are  91 77 678 11375 or 91 92 722 84046 . You can also email them at [email protected]

8) Kolkata office:

The phone number for this office is  91 33 222 66186 . You can also email them at[email protected].

9) Chennai Office:

The phone numbers for this office are  91 44 282 62645, 91 44 253 26111, or 91 44 353 26555 . You can also email them at[email protected].

10) Ahmadabad office:

The phone number for this office is  91 79 252 6681 . This office doesn’t provide the ability of email for its customer. A phone call is the only way to contact them.


What is the consignment number?
Once you hand over your parcel to VRL, you get a number. This number is your consignment number. Through this number, you can track your parcel at any time. The consignment number is often referred to as the tracking number. This number will have information regarding your shipment as well.
How do you use a tracking number?
Simply, enter your given tracking number on the website. You can find this tracking number on the receipt or bill of your payment. This consignment number or tracking number is around 35 digits long.  Once entered on the website, click on the track button to get relevant information about your parcel.
Can I communicate in any language with VRL Customer Support?
No, you can’t communicate in any desired language. When a customer writes a comment for customer service, he/she suppose to communicate in the English language only.  A customer who writes in English gets faster replies.

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